Lightbox Photography Cards

As humans we like what we already know and tend to deliberately or subliminally plan our lives so we don’t have to leave our comfort zone. The same thing is of course also true for photography. A passionate portrait photographer who usually takes his photos in a studio is more likely to plan his next shooting to take place in a studio again instead of taking the risk and shooting portraits outdoors under natural light. And a landscape photographer rather photographs another sunset/ sunrise instead of trying street photography in the city. This is where my latest purchase comes in handy: The Lightbox Photography Cards.


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Why my new 50 mm prime lens is actually a 45 mm

Until recently I used to own the Canon EF 50 mm 1:1.4 USM prime lens. The image quality of the lens is really good but with my Canon EOS 700D I frequently encountered auto focus issues. Sometimes I needed to take several photos in order to get one with the focus being on spot. To avoid this problem I used to focus manually whenever I could. In the end though I was tired of the focusing troubles, contacted Canon and asked them what it would cost to calibrate the lens. They told me it would cost CHF 120.- per lens which is a third of the price of a new EF 50 mm lens plus it would take anything between 2 – 3 weeks before I’d get my camera and lens back. This was not an option so I decided to sell the lens on ebay and get a new 50 mm prime lens. Read in this post why my new 50 mm prime lens is actually a 45 mm.


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set.a.light 3D studio simulation software

Hi there

Today I’d like to talk about a fantastic piece of software I discovered recently. The program is called set.a.light 3D and has been developed by elixxier Software, a company based in Stuttgart, Germany. What the software basically does is it let’s you simulate an entire photo studio with models, lights, cameras, different requisites etc. You can even take virtual photos and create lighting diagrams of your setup. This sounds to me like the ideal tool to prepare yourself for a studio shooting.

set.a.light 3D

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Rules in photography, should we as artists follow them?

Today I’d like to talk about rules in photography. Nowadays rules are everywhere, wheather in traffic, at work, in school, no matter where you go, there is always a rule that needs following. On reason why I’ve started taking photos is because I needed to compensate for all those rules that I need to follow in my everyday life. You know, do something creative and all that… But guess what, photography has rules too!

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Photo series Switzerland @ night 2017

Check out my new series of night shots of Swiss cities and villages. Switzerland @ night 2017 will evolve during 2017 as I constantly add new photos.


Do you want me to take photos of your town? Leave a comment or head over to the forum to discuss the matter and I might add photos of your town next. And as always, tell me what you think about this series and the photos. Maybe you’ve even got ideas for new series?

Is Adobe Photoshop the way to go?

I’m wondering why the photo industry is so obsessed about Photoshop and Lightroom. Is Adobe Photoshop the way to go? No matter where you look, magazines, websites, blogs, when it comes to image editing everybody talks almost exclusively about Photoshop and Lightroom. For example in photo magazines you only find instructions about doing image editing with Photoshop/ Lightroom as if there was no alternative. Is there really no alternative to Adobe products? Or has the photography industry just become so addicted to Adobe that they cannot see alternatives, even if they are just as powerful or even better?

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Welcome to my blog

Hi everybody

Welcome on my blog. I plan to make this blog a place where people talk about photography. I will start by expressing some of my own views as well as releasing some more information about myself.  But of course it’s not just about me, it’s all about you, my readers. I encourage you to leave comments, tell me what you like or dislike, what you would like to read on this blog… Since this blog has just been started I am open to suggestions about content that would be useful and fun to you. Together we can make this place awesome!

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